...And then the peach ate the flamingo
November 25th, 2014


wopwopwop wop

A Zine Appears!

Hello hello

So instead of drawing more MUG, I made a zine (more MUG is on its way now, no worries) and now you can peruse it over on my Tumblr. It was done with the help of a CUE artist grant ( cueartprojects.ca )It’s a bit more artsy, but still fun looking I hope? Have a peep =) see you soon!



Fresh Print! =)

So I was out spreading flyers for this comic around the city and met the awesome Jill Nagel, from Fresh Print magazine ( http://www.freshprintmagazine.com/ ). And she decided to interview me, which is really nice. Here’s the interview:


I tried not to say anything silly, but you know, no promises.

And now something a little different

Hey guys!
So yeah, i’m getting my comics porfolio in shape this week, and being in between chapters, it seemed like a good chance to show you something else. Mug Bit #13 will be on next Tuesday, and this Friday I’ll post another random intermission page.
(I keep thinking about what the Mug characters will do with a week off, hmmm…. I think Joey would sleep a lot and then wonder where all the free time went hehehe how awful)

See you Friday! =D

oh my goodness where’s our Tuesday page? gaaahhh! aaaaaaaah!

Today’s comic may be a bit delayed, because my computer fainted. It will for sure be up tonight though, the show goes on!

(I am speaking through my work computer, which has no Photoshop. What a cruel twist of fate.)

Let’s say…

Maybe I can update Tuesdays and Fridays for the time being. That sounds reasonable, right?
My track record is not the greatest for updating (my bad guys), but things can change. Let’s see how this unfolds.
As always, thank you so much for reading =)