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There is a handful of supermagical objects out there, The Travelling Gifts. They can do crazy stuff.  One of them happens to be a mug, and this story is about that mug and the poor guy who it belongs to. Sort of. Lots of pages long, once it’s done.

First section: Bit #1, Bit#2, Bit#3, Bit #4, Bit#5, Bit #6, Bit #7, Bit #8

Second section: Bit #9, Bit #10 , Bit#11, Bit#12, Bit#13, Bit#14


Previous stories

Intermission 1

About sneezing. One page.

Intermission 2

About romantic robots. One page.


About a beard. Seven pages long.


About putting BBQ sauce on pizza. Eight pages long.

Bedtime Story

Not about a lot. It has cool flies in it though. Six pages long.

 Old Baby

Tiny tiny story with a big creepy baby. Four pages long.