...And then the peach ate the flamingo


So there’s this nice local magazine for girls and trans youth, Shameless. There’s a new issue out, and it’s a good read! Highly recommended =D


Also I drew a little picture for it. Hurray!

I better clean the dust off this site

hello hello

Updates for MUG are back. I’ve been working on other art projects (more serious-business projects perhaps?) and just plain working a lot, which took a big bite out of MUG, but as always the comic shall keep going! thanks for being patient and wonderful.

New story up!

hello hello.

It’s a long time in between chapters, so I’m adding a few pages. It maybe counts as a story? I dunno. It’s called Old Baby.

…And yeah, they’ve got ludicrous dates, as did bit #9. This time is so that they don’t show up in the middle of MUG, cause that’s awkward no? (the previous time was because I have no idea how to get this thing to update more than one page a day. True story guys). Linear time is supposed to be an illusion anyway right? yea…

Anyway Bit #10 is coming along, I’ll stick it up here March 12th. till then be very merry ladies and gentlemen. all the best